Meet The Team 

Jose F. Sanchez (DJ Feely): DJ Feely started his DJ career back in 2009, during his high school years. Together with a classmate, he would DJ school events and private parties on the weekends. After a break, he returned to the DJ industry at Fresno when he moved in 2012. He worked with well-known DJs in Fresno at bars, clubs, and private events. He learned about the art of DJing from some of the best DJs in the area and continued to work mainly at private events. In 2015, Jose returned to his hometown, Greenfield, to continue his career in education. He brought with him his experience as a DJ and continued to offer his services in the area to this date. DJ Feely focuses on connecting with the crowd through music; his English and Spanish MC skills allow him to connect with people from different backgrounds.

DJ Feely has a passion for music, dancing, playing sports, coaching, and teaching.

Daisy: Daisy joined the team in 2021 when she married Jose. She has been a key part of the team because she brings a female perspective to every event. She is originally from SoCal and has experience in different areas, including teaching, coaching, and organizing social events. One of her biggest projects was organizing graduation ceremonies with more than 500 guests. Daisy helps clients plan their special day by providing guidance and support before and during the event. She pays attention to details, assures the reception goes smoothly, and reduces the client's stress from planning the reception. 

Daisy has a passion for music, dancing, and running.