Meet The Team 

Meet Jose F. Sanchez, also known as DJ Feely. DJ Feely's journey in the music scene began in 2009 during his high school years, where he and a classmate spun tracks at school events and private parties on weekends. After a hiatus, he re-entered the DJ scene in Fresno upon moving there in 2012, collaborating with prominent DJs across bars, clubs, and private events. Learning from the best in Fresno, DJ Feely honed his craft, specializing in private events.

In 2015, Jose returned to his hometown of Greenfield, integrating his DJ experience with his career in education. Since then, DJ Feely has continued to provide his services locally, connecting with audiences through his music and bilingual MC skills in English and Spanish.

Beyond music, DJ Feely's passions extend to dancing, sports, coaching, and teaching, reflecting his dynamic interests and commitment to engaging with diverse communities.

Meet Daisy, who became a valued member of our team in 2021 when she married Jose. Bringing a unique female perspective to every event, Daisy originally hails from Southern California and boasts a diverse background encompassing teaching, coaching, and organizing social gatherings. Notably, she successfully orchestrated graduation ceremonies hosting over 500 guests, showcasing her adept organizational skills.

At our events, Daisy plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting clients throughout their special day. She excels in meticulous planning, ensuring smooth receptions and alleviating client stress associated with event preparation. 

Beyond her professional talents, Daisy harbors a deep passion for music, dancing, and running, enriching our team with her dynamic interests and expertise.