School Events

Deluxe Package

The Deluxe DJ package for school events delivers an unforgettable experience with its captivating features. Featuring a sleek White facade, illuminated totems, and dynamic moving heads, it transforms any venue into an electrifying space. Combined with vibrant dance floor lighting, this package sets the stage for an energetic and fun-filled event that will keep students dancing all night long. Perfect for school dances, proms, and other special occasions, it ensures a memorable and immersive audiovisual experience for all attendees.

Cost: $700.00

4 Hour service 

$150/Hour Thereafter 


Bilingual DJ | Bilingual MC | White Lit-up Facace | Lit-up Totems | Dance Floor Lighting 

Simple Package 

The Simple DJ Package for school events offers essential elements to keep the party going. Featuring a sleek Black facade, it provides a clean and professional look to your event setup. With dance floor lighting, the atmosphere comes alive with pulsating colors and patterns, setting the stage for an energetic and fun-filled experience. Perfect for school dances, fundraisers, promos and other gatherings, this package delivers all the essentials for a memorable event that keeps students dancing all night long.

Cost: $500.00

4 Hour Service

$100/Hour Thereafter


Bilingual DJ | Bilingual MC | Black Facade | Simple Dance Floor Lighting

Add Ons

Enhance your event by adding the following to your package:


Venue Enhancing Uplights

Add an elegant touch to your venue with 15 up lights around the venue wall. Light color will be matched as close as possible to your theme color. 

Cost: $350 

 5 Hours 

$125/Hour Thereafter 

Foam Stick Fun.MOV

LED Party Favors 

100 Pieces (Combination of foam sticks and glasses)

Turn up the excitement and inject a vibrant burst of color into your party with LED party favors that will have your guests glowing with delight.  

Cost: $150 

Theme Monogram 

Enhance the ambiance and personalize your event venue with our theme monogram service, adding a unique and memorable touch to your celebration.

Cost: $150

$100/Hour Thereafter